April 27, 2022

Special Issue: 3D Cell Culture Approaches of Microphysiologically Relevant Models

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Behind April's Special Issue: Join podcast host Rob Howes (Rosalind Franklin Laboratory) as he invites Guest Editor Glauco Souza (Greiner Bio-One) to discuss the special issue covering 3D Cell Culture. They cover the timeliness of this issue as the world recovers from a global pandemic that revealed the need for more realistic and predictive in vitro models for biology, as well as the demand for more efficient technologies as researchers catch up on their benchwork after global slowdowns. They will review the many articles in the special issue, and how each uniquely contributes to the advancement of novel 3D drug discovery techniques. Tune in to learn about how researchers are using these tools to maximize throughput, reproducibility, and control in their work.

Read the open access special issue: 3D Cell Culture Approaches of Microphysiologically Relevant Models

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