December 15, 2021

SLAS Discovery x Assay Guidance Manual: Robust or Go Bust

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SLAS Discovery Editor-in-Chief Bob Campbell (Twentyeight-seven Therapeutics) welcomes Sarine Markossian, Ph.D. (National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)) and G. Sitta Sittampalam, Ph.D. (National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)) to discuss the research featured in the latest Special Issue of SLAS Discovery. Titled “Assay Guidance Manual for Drug Discovery: Robust or Go Bust”, this issue showcases the incorporation of best practices in early research stages to improve the efficiency and reliability of the drug discovery process. Much of the research featured in this issue is authored by instructors of the AGM workshops: Assay Guidance Workshops for High-throughput Screening and Lead Discovery. The goal of these combined publications is to tackle the crisis of reproducibility in biomedical science by utilizing rigorous data analysis reporting standards and robust assays. 

The Assay Guidance Manual is a free and publicly available eBook of best practices for the design, development, and implementation of robust assays in preclinical research.

For more information about the journal, visit the SLAS Discovery website or contact Dr. Campbell directly at